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Regardless of what is your passion, you can do it with us - at Accenture. You can be a strategist, a digital innovator, a master of technology and a business mind - you will always find great career path here.

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At Accenture, there are 6000 of us in Poland! We work in offices in Warszawa, Lodz, Katowice, Krakow and Wroclaw, as well as with our local and global clients. Each of us is incredible in something. At work, we create solutions that affect the lives of thousands of people. Privately, we also do incredible things.

  • Accenture has provided analytical solutions from leading drugstores that manage over one billion coupons for customers.

  • We dealt with the ordering process after the introduction of Microsoft Kinect to the market, which was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest-selling consumer electronic device.

  • Every day we support or participate in the production process of 50% of all beer sold on our planet - that is as much as 9 trillion liters of this drink.

  • We have helped Warner Bros to implement a completely digital distribution process for movies and TV shows. Currently, they are able to use new sources of revenue and spread the produced content faster.

  • Accenture developed the Lux in Arcana app for smartphones and tablets, offering access to 100 never-before-seen documents from the Vatican's Secret Archives to the general public.

  • Accenture managed Microsoft Kinect orders worldwide once the product was launched on the market. Sales of 8 million units in 60 days brought the Kinect World Guinness Record for the fastest-selling electronic device.

  • We helped the city of New York to create 311 - a 24/7 customer service center that enables telephone and online contacting, which consultants receive 60,000 calls a day

  • In just 14 months Accenture, together with our client, mBank, created one of the most advanced and client-centric banking systems in the world.

  • Every minute, 1,500 passengers use the payment system created by Accenture for public transport, which supports special cards.

  • About 40% of Savings and Settlement Accounts in Poland operate based on systems created by Accenture, and 70% use systems implemented by our company.

  • At Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, with automated gateways, we have helped to shorten the time needed for customs clearance from 7 minutes to 15 seconds.

  • In the mining industry, Accenture helped create an integrated supply system for a large international company operating in many fields, which allowed it to achieve government savings of 1.2 billion dollars.

  • Every night we help in the process of over 11 million transactions made with the use of credit cards

  • We were the first company in the world to implement the SAP module in banking in cooperation with a leading bank, limiting the time needed to provide a cash loan for individuals from three days to just 39 minutes.

  • Accenture advises more than 50 organizations with a global reach, which together with its over 1800 suppliers aim to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by more than 82 metric tons per year.

Accenture Strategy

Your entrepreneurial spirit, insight and imagination are crucial as you will be partnering closely with world-leading organizations, strategy experts and industry thought-leaders to shape and recommend new solutions that leverage emerging technologies.

Accenture Consulting

You’ll need to advise and build enduring, trust-based relationships with your clients to develop the customized, next-generation products and services that will help them shift to new business models designed for today’s connected landscape of disruptive technologies. 

Accenture Digital

Designing and implementing truly innovative digital solutions for leading businesses and governments around the world; you will be creating real ‘wow moments’ for customers, connecting them with our clients through AI and analytics, interactive and the industrial internet of things.

Accenture Technology

Help clients develop applications with a cloud-first, digital- first mindset, generate the next wave of innovative technology in our state-of-the-art Accenture Labs, and provide end-to-end service and project delivery across all our Accenture Delivery Center engagements using rapid development principles such as Agile and DevOps to make software faster, flexible and more liquid.

Accenture Operations

Provide game-changing, technology-enabled, secure and flexible business operations through an “as-a-service”. Automate intelligence business processes services in areas such as finance & accounting, marketing, procurement and customer services to help optimize customer experiences boost business outcomes.


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